A new university costing £30 million is set to open its doors to 2,000 students in 2022.

Work on the construction is due to begin in December.

A collaboration between Peterborough City Council and Anglia Ruskin University, ARU Peterborough will provide higher education opportunities for the city and bring in new talent.

ARU Peterborough will bring expertise and employment opportunities to the city and the large range of courses and faculties will meet a range of businesses needs.

Partnering with Anglia Ruskin University for its creation, ARU Peterborough will be a fully independent university with its own degree-awarding powers.

Anglia Ruskin University already has a historical connection with education in Peterborough, being the degree-awarding body for University Centre Peterborough (UCP).

Peterborough has a great heritage in engineering and manufacturing, and being on the edge of the Fens, the links into agriculture and the agricultural economy are strong.

It is hoped the new facility will be an employment-focused “hybrid” university, blending the academic, the technical and the vocational to meet the needs of local employers and address the lack of people with degree-level qualifications.

In short, it is hoped it will be a university students attend to forge a career.

ARU Peterborough will be the first of its kind in the country and the investment into the University is hoped to be the catalyst for further investments into the city.

Anglia Ruskin University has a passion for the eastern region and a link to Peterborough through its relationship with University Centre Peterborough and Peterborough Regional College (PRC). It is also one of the most advanced when it comes to offering “hands-on” style vocational, engineering and technical apprenticeship-style courses.

The idea of a new university have been under discussion for a number of years, and really began to take off over the past year. Plans are expected to be finalised in the coming weeks and months.