Businesses across Peterborough are being urged to get involved and support a new initiative which aims to make Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) available to everyone.

The HackSpace may only have opened a couple of weeks ago, but already it is planting the seeds of a community where people can learn new skills and share their expertise in a wide range of creative activities.

For those who haven’t yet heard about it – and you can be forgiven as the official launch isn’t until mid-April – the idea is that The HackSpace will be a community workshop and co-working environment providing access to specialist tooling and machinery, collaborative workshops and network facilities with the aim of increasing opportunities and investment in STEAM industries and activities in the city.

It will provide facilities that are often too specialised and inaccessible to those outside of industry.

But that kind of facility does not come cheap and until membership numbers rise The HackSpace is reliant on sponsorship to survive.

Which is why the management team is hoping the city’s business community will get behind them.


One of the biggest challenges the team currently faces is the conversion of three shipping containers into one large workshop for wood and metalwork.

This is an expensive project which they are looking for financial support to complete, but there are also other vital ways businesses can support The HackSpace, not least by lending their skills and expertise.

They intend to provide professional-led workshops to enable as many people as possible to gain valuable STEAM skills which will stand them in good stead in today’s jobs market.

Tyler Clark, director of The HackSpace, said: “The HackSpace is not just a workshop, a co-working environment or a MakerSpace, it is a community hub.

“We want to build a community of people all united in STEAM, creating awesome projects for fun and function.

“We provide more than just the tools and equipment. We engage with various local groups that offer support to marginalised and vulnerable people as well people experiencing financial hardship.

“We are trying to build something incredible for Peterborough, we can’t do that without you.

“Without you guys, bringing your skills, your ambition and enthusiasm, without your knowledge and expertise, The HackSpace is just home to a bunch of really cool and expensive tools.

“We want it to be a community, helping to build strong bonds and connections and bringing people together to help each other and provide support to those that need it.

“We want it to be a space that allows people to work and play in a satisfying, safe and friendly environment.”

The HackSpace is located at Unit B Peartree Business Centre, Enterprise Way, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8YQ

What can you expect to find at The HackSpace

  • 3D printers
  • Manual milling machines and lathes for metal and woodwork
  • Professional laser cutters
  • Hand and power tools
  • Electronics workstations – soldering irons, testing equipment and components
  • Workbenches equipped with vices and clamping equipment
  • Virtual and physical programming environments
  • Sewing machines and textiles