Written by David Gilbey, Enexa Energy Solutions

During these very difficult and unprecedented times energy contracts are far from people’s minds when trying to
ensure the viability of their business.

The Energy Market suppliers are also going through turbulent times as many business’s having to close or operating at a much lower consumption so forecast volumes and “import shape” are greatly impacted.

With the recent fine weather, the electricity market has been oversupplied with high wind and Solar PV generation with some customers able to take advantage by being on innovative tariffs.

They can be paid to use electricity at certain times of the day. Perfect for end users with heat pumps or electric vehicles, or just for the domestic laundry loads.

During this period of uncertainty, it is prudent to review your energy contracts, check the T&C’s, contract end dates. Are there any take or pay/volume tolerance clauses etc. It is advisable not to cancel any Direct Debits, or redeclare a site Authorised Supply Capacity, but keep in contact with your supplier or third-party broker.

Be pro-active – don’t just sit and wait. It is also sensible to take regular meter reads to ensure when the bills are produced, so they are accurate and not based on previous consumption prior to the lockdown.

It is estimated that many more energy providers and third parties could fail this year and/or be absorbed due to the pandemic, so up to date consumption information is crucial if your supply gets transferred under OFGEMS SoLR process.

Suppliers have Furloughed thousands of staff so getting competitive prices can be a challenge BUT it is imperative a site does not go Out of Contract as the energy rates can be very punitive by doing so.

In the unfortunate situation whereby a customer finds themselves in financial difficulty and is struggling to maintain their commitments it is worth noting that there are potential options open to them.

In this scenario it is always worth speaking directly to the relevant supplier to discuss what the different options might look like.

Finally, if a building is closed and it is safe to do so – undertake an “energy review”!

Are unnecessary lights being left on, is there compressed air leaks – good time to check whilst it is quiet? Are controls, thermostats, timers set correctly? Identify and inspect key energy consuming equipment.

Understand condition and control of existing equipment, and opportunities to improve energy utilisation.

All of these measures will help when we all hopefully remerge and “kick start” our businesses.

During these difficult times ENEXA Energy Solutions are very happy to help and advise on energy contracts totally without obligation, can undertake a review of energy contracts at no cost whatsoever.

ENEXA is totally independent
and agnostic and has over 40 years of experience from right across the energy sector.

ENEXA is there to help if required and can be contacted on: david.gilbey@enexa.co.uk . Tel: 07563 259108