Ladey Adey, publisher and author, wrote her first book in 2014. Since then she has written eight books and published many books for others. She set up Pink Parties Press with her daughter to publish books for business people (usually first time authors).

Has anyone ever said to you, “You should write a book?”

I believe there is a book in everyone and a business book is a ‘must’ for ambitious business people.

Writing a book gives you expert status, opens the doors for speaking engagements AND is your best business card EVER.

Today, it is easy and affordable to become a published author, have your book on Amazon and in bookshops. In fact, it’s just a touch of a button away!

Where do you start? Just like in the film, The Sound of Music, Maria says, “Let’s start at the very beginning…

1. Intention. Decide today that your book will become a reality.

2. Choose your genre.
Will it be fiction or non-fiction?

3. Consider your content, share your expertise, experience and wisdom.

4. Give your book a name – your working title.

5. Draw out an outline. If non-fiction this might be step-by-step subject headings, if fiction the timeline for your plot and characters.

6. Start to write. Your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect!

7. Consider how best to write; by hand, typing or recording your words and transcribing them.

8. Make a date with yourself. Write at your best times and for regular periods – your choice (early morning or late at night) for 20 mins or more.

9. What additional info do you need – research and mentoring?

10. Tell trusted friends you are writing a book and note their (usually positive) response.

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Ladey’s next book: Successful Business Networking Online is to be published in September.